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Fiocchi Duck Calling Tip on Working Call Sh...

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Ducks from Canada to the Southern US have heard every call imaginable so in order to work these call weary ducks into your spread, you need to give them what they want. Heres a tip that


Close Encounter With Big Buck Called Skyscr...

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Preparation and scouting are crucial in locating a big buck on the property you’re hunting. Tedious thoughts and plans on how to pursue your trophy buck come into play. With all that work, with all you’ve


Catching Crappie Shallow During Mid Summer

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

The dog days of Summer crappie fishing can be as hot as the weather if you know where and how to fish for them source


The Right Duck Call by Fiocchi

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Choosing the right duck call can be overwhelming but not if you know what to look for source


Easy Way To Throw A Cast Net

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Certified Guide Glenn Flowers with Flathead Catfish Hunters has to catch bait weekly. In this video Glenn demonstrates his effective way of throwing a 10’ cast net source


Big White Bass on Spoons in the Summer Heat

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

The A/C isn’t what Scott Turnage and Jeff Williams are searching for in the heat of the summer. Its white bass on jigging spoons source


Spin Wing Decoy Tip by Fiocchi

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

To use or not to use spin wing decoys is the age old question when it comes to duck hunting source


Bait Clicker Tip for Huge Flathead Catfish

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Understanding why and how bait clickers on reels work can help you catch more catfish source


Shooting At Jumping Asian Carp With Bows

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

The G3 Sportsman crew team up with the owner of Dakota Bows and friend John Barber for a crazy day on the Big Muddy River in Illinois for bow fishing. Our targets are the menacing high


Hunting Deer On Your Home Turf

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Its always fun to get to hunt on your own home turf for deer. Nothing more satisfying than to bag a buck that you’ve watched or that surprises you when its first seen. On this show,