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G3 Angler Deep V Series Boats. Revs Your H...

May 21, 2019Comments off

The G3 Angler series are the most durable best built deep v boats on the market today. Quality, performance and satisfaction along with being a Yamaha Boat Company. Check them out at http://www.g3boats.com/angler-deep-v-series source


G3 Angler V Dry Boxes Are Bone Dry!!!

May 21, 2019Comments off

Nothing worse than your gear being wet in your boat due to leaky storage, The molded front storage compartments on the G3 Angler Deep V boats are as dry as can be possibly built. Check out


After School Crappie w/Haydn Williams

May 02, 2019Comments off

Lots of time after school or work in the Spring for crappie fishing. The G3 Sportsman teams up with Haydn Williams on Grand Lake in OK as he is about to embark on the real world


Hide From The Wind Crappie

Apr 25, 2019Comments off

Dogwoods are blooming. That means the crappie are on the move. What else is moving is the wind! On this episode G3 Sportsman finds alternative areas to hide from the wind and still catch crappie. Boat


SOLO Spider Rig Crappie From the G3 Angler ...

Apr 03, 2019Comments off

A little March wind, cold and rain. Ideal for catching crappie. Ha. Was perfect weather to spider rig from the G3 Boats Angler V17C. One of the most versatile boats ever and is wonderful for crappie


High Water Shallow Flats Catfish

Apr 01, 2019Comments off

Flooding and massive rains have swelled the banks of most lakes throughout the Midwest. G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage eases through the murky flood water of Truman Lake to catch blue catfish on shallow flats. source


Welcome to Web G3 Sportsman

Mar 19, 2019Comments off

After over 10 years of broadcasting the popular G3 Sportsman TV series nationwide, we now offer our past full length episodes as well as the most current content. We are just everyday people fishing and hunting


Fast Easy Way To Tie Braid To Mono

Feb 18, 2019Comments off

There are several ways to tie braided line to mono or fluorocarbon. Here is as easy a way to tie as there is. Very quick. source


How To Tie Double Palomar Knot

Feb 18, 2019Comments off

Some of the braid and uni-filament lines such as Berkley NanoFil has a slick coating. Some knots just wont hold or slip. Here is what some companies recommend tying…a double palomar knot. Quick and easy source


G3 Sportsman 2100. The Premier Fishing Mac...

Jan 22, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman Westin Yancey gives a detailed look at one of the best built, hottest selling multi-species aluminum boats on the water today. The 2019 G3 Sportsman 2100 by G3 Boats, a Yamaha Boat Company http://www.g3boats.com/sportsman-2100