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Catch A Limit of Slab Crappie In Less Than ...

Feb 03, 2020Comments off

How nice is it when everything works out. On this episode G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage pulls a switheroo of electronics on Guide Jeff Faulkenberry and

Pulling Crappie From Deep Water Hedge Trees

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

The water is high on Stockton Lake in MO and the hedge trees are full of crappie. G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage joins Stockton legend JR

Crappie in 4 Seasons

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Celebrating 10 years of the G3 Sportsman, we look back to 2009 before HD to catch crappie in all seasons on a variety of lakes

Cajun Redfish at its Best

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman and Donald Hedge shows why Venice LA is the place for Redfish source

Finding Winter White Bass

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage and Jeff Williams use electronics to locate white bass up the rivers in Oklahoma source

The Griz Can Catch Walleye

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage fishes with living legend Dick “The Griz” Grzywinski on the upper Miss River in MN for walleye source

Crazy Blue Catfish Action on Truman Lake

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

If you want to catch blue cats one after another, theres no better place than summer on Truman Lake with Jeff Faulkenberry source

The Rogue is King for Salmon

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman tackles big king salmon on the Rogue River in OR with Grieves Guide Service source

Spider Rig Hoosier Crappie

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman is in Indianapolis with Tom Hankins spider rigging crappie on Geist Lake source

Putting the Smackdown on Catfish

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Capt Ryan Casey with Show Me Catfishing targets nice blue cats on the Mississippi River near St Louis MO source