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G3 Boats Angler V Series Plant Construction...

Feb 18, 2020Comments off

Here is a detailed walk thru on the construction of G3 Boats Angler Deep V Series. One of the best built, driest, smoothest riding boats

Catch A Limit of Slab Crappie In Less Than ...

Feb 03, 2020Comments off

How nice is it when everything works out. On this episode G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage pulls a switheroo of electronics on Guide Jeff Faulkenberry and

Back Up Plan Ducks by Fiocchi

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

You never know whats going to happen during a duck hunt so its always good to have a backup plan when source

How To Load Team Catfish Dip Bait On Hook E...

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Here is a quick tip from Jeff Williams of Team Catfish explaining an easy way to help you load dip bait on to your tube

Pulling Crappie From Deep Water Hedge Trees

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

The water is high on Stockton Lake in MO and the hedge trees are full of crappie. G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage joins Stockton legend JR

Which outboard can take the most punishment

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Few lakes are as tough on outboards as stumpy Reelfoot in NW Tenn. Blue Bank Resort mgr Billy Blakley explains why they choose Yamaha source

Crappie in 4 Seasons

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Celebrating 10 years of the G3 Sportsman, we look back to 2009 before HD to catch crappie in all seasons on a variety of lakes

Using the Jerk Line on Ducks by Fiocchi

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

Sometimes the old tips and tricks our grandfathers use to use on a duck hunt still work today source

2019 SunCatcher Diamond Elite 326

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

The best of SunCatcher. The best of Life. The new Diamond Elite 326 SE gives you luxury beyond your expectations, combining areas for relaxation and

Cajun Redfish at its Best

Nov 25, 2019Comments off

G3 Sportsman and Donald Hedge shows why Venice LA is the place for Redfish source