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Catching the Kinkaid Crappie Slam

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

G3 Sportsman goes for the slam of four species of crappie on Kinkaid Lake with Crappie Masters Champ Kyle Schoenherr source


Mid Day Duck Tip by Fiocchi

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

Don’t overlook staying a little longer in the blind or trying some mid day hunting source


Killer Top Water Bass

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

Lonnie Stanley of Stanley Jig Co introduces the G3 Sportsman to his new explosive Top Toad bait for bass source


Using the Jerk Line on Ducks by Fiocchi

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

Sometimes the old tips and tricks our grandfathers use to use on a duck hunt still work today source


Prime Time Catfishing

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

The blue cat action heats up on a cool day with Ryan Gnagy of Primetime Catfishing on Milford Lake in NE Kansas source


Back Up Plan Ducks by Fiocchi

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

You never know whats going to happen during a duck hunt so its always good to have a backup plan when source


Pursuit of the Alligator Gar

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

Ever want to land the meanest fish in fresh water? Hunter Cole of Pure Fishing gets his chance to wrangle with alligator gar on the Trinity River in TX with gar specialist Kirk Kirkland. source


The Baum Squad is Back!

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

One of the G3 Sportsman’s most appreciated and favorite shows. Host Scott Turnage joins Mr. Fred Baum and his pack of beagles (aka The Baum Squad) rabbit hunting the fields on a gorgeous winter day. source


Putting the Smackdown on Blue Catfish in Ka...

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

Host Scott Turnage and Ryan Gnagy with Prime Time Catfishing drift Milford Lake in KS for some nice blue cats source


Decoy Spread Changes by Fiocchi

Nov 28, 2016Comments off

If the ducks get stale or tough to call, you may want a different look on your decoy spread source