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Busting Top Water Bass on a Ribbit Frog

Feb 21, 2017Comments off

Back in the day Lonnie Stanley just introduced his Ribbit Frog and showed why still today its as popular as ever source

Bone Head Turkey and Old Friends Crappie

Feb 21, 2017Comments off

Anything can happen turkey hunting and host Scott Turnage forgets an important part of the hunt. Next, two old buddies get together to see who

Kansas Deer

Feb 21, 2017Comments off

Two brothers discuss the fun, the misfortune and successes they had hunting for trophy bucks in Kansas source

Tennessee River Sauger

Feb 21, 2017Comments off

Scott Turnage drifts the Tennessee River for sauger near the Shiloh Civil War Battlefield source

Fishing for the Slam

Jan 23, 2017Comments off

G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage tries for the Calcasieu Slam of Redfish, Trout, and Flounder with Capt Jared Adams source

Original Raccoon Hunting the Ozark’s

Feb 21, 2017Comments off

The first raccoon hunt ever aired on the G3 Sportsman featuring Randy Smith and his buddies from Missouri source

Everything About Duck Hunting & Gear

Dec 26, 2016Comments off

In a 60 day season of duck hunting there are so many tips and tricks to bagging limits. Host Scott Turnage and Jeff Faulkenberry discuss

White Bass is OK

Dec 21, 2016Comments off

Scott Turnage and Fle-Fly’s Jeff Williams fish the tributaries of Grand Lake in OK to show why white bass are so fun to catch source

White Bass Frenzy

Dec 14, 2016Comments off

Uncle Bill Fondren and Scott Turnage hammer the white bass on the Sabine River in TX with the old Berkley Frenzy (Flicker Shad) while trying

Rabbit Hunting with the Baum Squad First Ep...

Dec 14, 2016Comments off

This id the original episode featuring Fred Baum and his “Baum Squad” of beagles rabbit hunting in Southwest Missouri source