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How to Discard Used Monofilament

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

There are several ways to discard used monofilament. Berkley has recycle bins across the country in most major sporting goods and recycle tubes are around

Simple Tip in Fileting Speckled Trout

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Some fish species are a little tricky to clean. The speckled trout is one of them. Follow these simple techniques and you will have no

The G3 1860 CCJ is an ATV on Water

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Do you like fishing rivers? How about going after those hard to get fish that a prop boat just cant get to? The G3 1860

How to Assemble and Submerge Moss Backs for...

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Attention crappie fishermen: David King explains and demonstrates how easy and effective Moss Back Fish Rack artificial structure is to assemble and submerge. source

The Mully Retractable Towel

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Cant ever find your towel when fishing or cleaning fish? The Mully Towel attaches to you for an easy grab in wiping your hands. Just

Catch the Action on the G3 Sportsman

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Action cameras get shots the viewers would never see with traditional cameras. The Garmin Virb gives us the flexibility to add an element of video

The New Balzout Mounting System

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Our electronics are an investment and vital in locating fish so, why be cheap when it comes to a mount. The new Balzout Mounts are

Cheap Sinkers Makes Sense

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

Anyone that uses sinkers, loses sinkers. Looking for an affordable source for your sinker purchases? Here’s an option for you. Cheapsinkers.com may be just what

Guide Tough G3 Boats

Dec 05, 2016Comments off

A fishing guides office is his boat. Bill Fondren on Sam Rayburn in TX guides over 200 days a year. He needs a boat that’s

Dont Leave Home Without ‘Em

Dec 04, 2016Comments off

Scott Turnage shows a few of the Berkley Tech Tools and gear thats always on his boat. source